Monday, November 1, 2010

Before and After Mckenzie

Mckenzie BEFORE

Mckenzie with the RIGHT EYE DONE 

Mckenzie with BOTH eyes done

MORE pictures:

Right eye DONE

BOTH eyes done

Right eye DONE

Greg Deakins of PhotograpgybyMckenzie took before and after pictures of Mckenzie for a shoot for me. We did before pictures (with no lashes), we put lashes on just her right eye and took pictures, and then we finished and took after pictures.
 Our end result = Beautiful model. Beautiful Lashes. Beautiful Photography.

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  1. Lindy,I LOVe my lashes!!! I wake up and go and it looks like a spent 30 min getting ready!! its been 2 weeks and i havent had 1 lash fall out. best lashes i've had hands down. sending all my girlies to you! Thanks luv:)