Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top 5 reasons women love eyelash extensions

1. Eyelash extensions add to your natural beauty.
2. They do NOT look "fake".
3. They are extremely low maintenance, never worry about applying mascara again!!
4. You never have mascara clumps.
5. Never have to worry about those horrible "football eyes"

Lindy Hughes

miss hannah

Hannah wanted her eyelash extensions a cat eyed dramatic look! She wants to be able to stand out in a crowd ;)
I did 11, 12, and 13 mm on her and used .2 and .25. They were the perfect thickness and the perfect length! (I think!) 

 These by far are probably my favorite set I have done in a while!! I may be an addict to the cat eye look now. (Cat eye is when the eyelashes gradually get longer toward the outside of her eyes opening up her eyes!)

Lindy Hughes
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer MUST have.

Crystal Crop Coating Sealant for eyelash extensions
Why purchase a sealer?
Water and any kind of moisture tends to loosen the bonding of your eyelash extensions. In the summer months is when most people are swimming and soaking up the sun, which is why I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a sealer. Sealer increases the bonding strength of your eyelash extensions. Your sealer gives you thicker more luxurious lashes while giving your lashes that wonderful mascara shine. Sealer does not need to be washed off. It is to be used 2x a week. Your sealer will last you 6 months or longer. Sealer comes in black and clear.  
Sealer: $25

Jordan the Bride.

When you're planning your wedding don't forget to plan for your eyelash extensions!!
Eyelash extensions on your big day can make a HUGE difference.
Here are the top 5 reasons eyelash extensions are a MUST have for brides:
1. Your photographer will love you to pieces! Many photographers (if not all) agree that eyelash extensions make your eyes POP, and stand out for pictures.
2. When you tear up from joy and excitement your mascara will not run!
3. On your honeymoon you will be able to just wake up and go, no need to waste time putting on mascara.
4. Throughout your big day you will never need to worry about re applying mascara.

Here is Jordan, we are doing her eyelashes a couple times before her wedding so we can determine what look she will want for her big day!
sorry, i forgot before pictures, again.

Lindy Hughes
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Deal of DEALS

Lash Lover's
Lash lovers  is an eyelash extension package that is good for 4 weeks. For 4 weeks you can come in once a week and get a fill, so that your lashes are always looking full and beautiful!
This is not a membership, you just pay for one month at a time. Since you are coming in more frequent your appointments are 15-20 minutes long! Perfect for a lunch time break : ) All 4 appointments are booked at the time of initial payment, to ensure you get your fill every week.
Lash Lover's : $80
If an appointment it missed there is no money back. If you miss your appointment there is no guarantee that you will be rescheduled that week. Payment is due on first appointment.

Lindy Hughes
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New client. Natural look.

Miss Mindi has been wearing strip lashes for a while now, and has finally decided to convert over : )
She says that she has worn "strip" lashes for years, and feels that they have weakened her natural lashes. Mindi also says that she feels she has less of her own eyelashes. So we started her off with a thinner lash, and a natural curl. There are different types of curl you can use. I don't use the natural curl that often, no reason in particular. I think our overall look turned out great. What do you think?


Lindy Hughes
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting Married?

If you're planning on getting eyelash extensions for your wedding I recommend getting them 2-3 days prior. This way they will be looking full, and if you cry it's okay, because it's past the first 24 hours of allowing them to fully dry!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my version of an addict

My dear friend Lynsi decided to get addicted : )
We did her lashes for the first time!!
She said in one day she received three compliments...incredible right?
Come and get addicted.
I will be doing her eyelashes again for her wedding, but more dramatic for that occasion!! 
I'm excited!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Isn't she?

Lovely Miss Megan.
I have been doing her lashes for about 4 months now?
She's amazing, especially with her words, check out her blog HERE
But for now, check out these lovely things.

What type of products are used?

We carry the popular line of BLINK eyelash extensions.
Blink eyelash extensions provide us with Ultra Bond Glue, which is the strongest hold, lasting up to 6 weeks!! Make sure you're asking what glue is being used by your lash artist. There are different glues, creating different bonding times. 
We carry the popular Signature Mink eyelash extensions. These eyelash extensions are NOT 100% real Mink fur. You may ask why? We don't use real Mink because too many people have had allergic reactions to them. I have heard complaints of itchyness, swelling, red eyes, etc. It is not normal for your eyes to be ithcy, nor is it comfortable. This is why we use Signature Mink eyelash extensions. They have all the benefits of 100% Mink (silky, flexible, and weightless) just with out the itchyness!!