Friday, March 11, 2011

Jordan the Bride.

When you're planning your wedding don't forget to plan for your eyelash extensions!!
Eyelash extensions on your big day can make a HUGE difference.
Here are the top 5 reasons eyelash extensions are a MUST have for brides:
1. Your photographer will love you to pieces! Many photographers (if not all) agree that eyelash extensions make your eyes POP, and stand out for pictures.
2. When you tear up from joy and excitement your mascara will not run!
3. On your honeymoon you will be able to just wake up and go, no need to waste time putting on mascara.
4. Throughout your big day you will never need to worry about re applying mascara.

Here is Jordan, we are doing her eyelashes a couple times before her wedding so we can determine what look she will want for her big day!
sorry, i forgot before pictures, again.

Lindy Hughes
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