Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What type of products are used?

We carry the popular line of BLINK eyelash extensions.
Blink eyelash extensions provide us with Ultra Bond Glue, which is the strongest hold, lasting up to 6 weeks!! Make sure you're asking what glue is being used by your lash artist. There are different glues, creating different bonding times. 
We carry the popular Signature Mink eyelash extensions. These eyelash extensions are NOT 100% real Mink fur. You may ask why? We don't use real Mink because too many people have had allergic reactions to them. I have heard complaints of itchyness, swelling, red eyes, etc. It is not normal for your eyes to be ithcy, nor is it comfortable. This is why we use Signature Mink eyelash extensions. They have all the benefits of 100% Mink (silky, flexible, and weightless) just with out the itchyness!!

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