Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flares, clusters, strips, and individuals. What is the difference?

Many people have heard that eyelash extensions are damaging to the natural eyelashes.
I'd like to disagree.
How? Why? Is that possible? YES!
As long as your eyelash extensions are applied INDIVIDUALLY, they are NOT damaging.

Flare, Clusters, and Strip eyelashes are damaging because they are not applied individually.
How can these be damaging?
Strip eyelash extensions are damaging because when you take them off you rip off your natural eyelashes which are not ready to fall out yet. That will lead to fewer lashes for you every time the strip eyelash extensions are applied then taken off, which will soon result in "bald spots".
"Bald Spots"=a hole in your lash line where eyelashes were pulled out when they were not ready.
Flare and Cluster eyelash extensions are also damaging because they are not individual.
Flare and Cluster eyelash extensions are sometimes layered on top of each other which can result in something that is too heavy for your natural eyelashes and cause them to break!
Flare and Cluster eyelash extensions are applied to more than one natural eyelash.
When this happens it rips out natural eyelashes that are not ready to come out.

So that is the difference between individual, flare, strip, and cluster eyelash extensions.
Make sure you ask your lash artist what type of eyelash extensions they use, and that they are individual eyelash extensions.

Orem, Utah

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