Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heard of complaints about painful eyelash extensions?

I had a client last week that called me frantic.
(I did not put her set of eyelash extensions on)
She complained that her eyelash extensions were hurting her eyes, and
 that she felt like there were needles poking her eyes!
She couldn't take the pain and wanted them off!
I had her come in and I knew exactly why they were hurting her.
The eyelash extensions she had put on, (by someone that WAS NOT me) were glued to her actual eyelid and were attached to more than one eyelash.
If the eyelash extensions are attached to the eyelid it WILL cause you to be in pain, and you will feel like needles are poking at your eyes.
It is not normal for a trained professional to glue eyelashes to your eyelid.
Make sure that you research your lash artist, ask to see pictures, and read their reviews.
Don't go into it blind, these are your eyes, the thing people see first!!
(I did not do the initial set of the lady in this story)

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